Today I went on a 12 mile hike through the Marin headlands. This hike was about as challenging as Mt. Tallac for me since I went with a Meetup group and I was clearly the least in shape person in attendance.

This was the first Meetup hike I’ve been to in several years!

It was pretty humiliating to have the group wait for me on more than one occasion, but fortunately everyone was very kind and didn’t poke fun at me too much for moving at a glacial pace. 🙂

Almost the entire the trail was exposed and dry. On the way to Muir Beach, we stopped at a zen Buddhist retreat center and farm called the Green Gulch Zen Farm Center. An odd albeit pretty cool combination.

This horse was quite friendly!

I have a dumb sense of humor. You laughed, though, didn’t you? C’mon. You laughed.

There weren’t just flowers, but fruits, vegetables, and grains, too: chard, cauliflower, fennel, quinoa, corn, beans, radishes, kiwis, and more. I took lots of pictures but didn’t realize my camera was set incorrectly so they came out blurry. Such a bummer!

I seriously love bamboo. It takes me back to Maui. I’ll return to you someday, Maui!

Eventually we made it to Muir Beach. It was overcast which normally would have made for a glum occasion, but with good company it was actually a really nice afternoon. I spend so much time in front of spreadsheets and speaking to a one-year-old that I forget how much I love connecting with people and forging new friendships.

From the beach, we hiked over to the Muir Beach overlook.

It was a beautiful view.

Afterwards, we returned to the beach to make the strenuous trek back. On the way, we passed Pirate’s Cove, which I was too exhausted to photograph. I did get one last shot of Muir Beach, though.

Today was a good day! Shout out to my main squeeze, Mike, for letting me have the day “off.” You’re the best.



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