Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park are an iconic part of the California coast, and this Saturday we made the three hour journey to pay a visit. We spent the weekend in Carmel at a cute garden studio we reserved through Airbnb to make it easier on us all.

This place was abuzz with tourists, many of whom were taking photos with their selfie sticks around each corner. This is not a site to enjoy solitude or the tranquility of nature, but this is a beautiful park all the same.

McWay Falls is just a quick walk from the parking lot, but there are quite a few hiking trails here, too, one of which leads to another waterfall in a wooded area: Canyon Falls.

A tiny waterfall.

Sadly, this isn’t a photo of Canyon Falls. I’ve learnt that my navigational skills need work. I wandered back and forth for a bit, searching for the waterfall with no luck.

It wasn’t until after we left that I realized that I had forgotten to search a section of trail to the left of me where I saw a couple walking. I think that the trail forks in the beginning, and I took the wrong path. In my defense, when you have a fussy baby and are trying to move as quickly as possible, it’s easy to overlook such things! 🙂

The tunnel that leads to McWay Falls.

On the bright side, we did make it to the famous McWay Falls.

And without further ado, the glorious McWay tidefalls:

The color of the water really is something else, isn’t it?

A close up.

I’m definitely satisfied having finally crossed this off the bucket list. It really is a beautiful sight. After Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, we stopped at a small restaurant on Highway 1, where I snapped this photo of a monarch before heading to Limekiln State Park.

I highly recommend spending a full week in Big Sur because there’s so much to see! There were countless beaches and parks we passed on our way from Carmel to Big Sur that we couldn’t visit due to time constraints. We’ll have to save them for another day.



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