New Brighton State Beach

After we went to Mission Carmel a couple weeks ago, we made a quick stop at New Brighton State Beach in Capitola. Since we don’t travel overnight often, we really squeezed in as many activities as possible. 🙂 We decided to visit this beach because it’s a place full of fond memories for Mike. As a child, he and his family often camped here in the summer. I’d like to plan a camping trip for our family here as well.

As you can see, the campground is well maintained and has close access to the beach.

It actually overlooks the sea, and there are steps down to the coastline.

The view from the campgrounds.

The trail from the campground to the beach.

We enjoyed a very short but nice “hike” from the parking lot, through the beach, to the campgrounds, and back again.

There was a kayak and SUP rental joint on the beach. I’m going on my first kayaking trip very soon (at Elkhorn Slough), so maybe once I get a hang of things I’ll revisit this beach and go on a little kayak adventure. 🙂



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