Hayward Greenbelt Trails

I‘m very lucky to have the ability to work from home Wednesdays and Fridays, especially since Mike is a stay-at-home dad. It allows us to spend a lot of our time parenting– I can step away from my work, play with my son for a few moments, and then resume. Or, sometimes, like today, I can take a longer break and work a bit later into the evening. As much as we love our son, sometimes we need a break!

Today, my mom and sister drove up to watch my son so that Mike and I could go on a quick 3 mile out-and-back hike through the Hayward Greenbelt trails, which are only a mile away from our house.

Besides some blackberry bushes (which aren’t in season this time of year), there isn’t anything particularly alluring or interesting about these trails, but they make for a decent workout and are worth a visit if you live in Hayward.

A damselfly.

Apparently this is mountain lion territory (according to the signs at the trailhead), though I’ve never spotted one here and would be extremely surprised if there were any dwelling here at all. With the drought, the small creek that used to run through the trails is almost completely dry, save a few brackish puddles. I imagine that most mammals wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves here.

Except for squirrels. Plenty of acorns around!

It was nice to get away and take a walk together without baby in tow. Here’s to more walks together. 🙂



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