Quarryhill Botanical Garden

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I‘m a little sad to report that our experience at the Quarryhill Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen was a bit underwhelming. In the park’s defense, spring is probably the best time to tour the garden, not mid-fall.

I don’t mean to say that we didn’t enjoy our time there. I just expected larger grounds and a greater variety of blooms, especially when considering the $15 admission fee.

Many of the plants in the park bore interesting fruits I’d never seen before, but I counted only about a half dozen types.

While the scenery wasn’t particularly memorable, the smell of the place certainly was.

I’m not sure what its origin was– whether it was the flowers or the strange fruits we encountered– but there was this pervasive fragrance throughout the entire park. Part citrus, part overripe stone fruit, part… hay? It was oddly pleasant.

We left after only an hour, partly because we’d finished exploring the grounds, and partly because we had an unhappy camper.

Again, I’m confident that this place is beautiful in the springtime. We just picked the wrong time to visit!



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