Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Wow. It’s been a painfully sedentary year so far because I developed a problem with my feet that is only exacerbated with hiking. I’m impatiently looking forward to the day when I can return to making long treks in the wilderness. In the meantime, we’ve only been on a handful of trips that don’t involve an incline.

One such trip was in February to Pescadero, CA, which is about half way in between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. We came for two primary reasons, the first of which was for the locally famous Arcangeli Grocery company.

We’d heard good things about their freshly baked artichoke bread, and we weren’t disappointed. You could smell it before even entering the store.

I don’t think Mike appreciates it when I take photos in grocery stores. :)

We didn’t hold back: we bought some bread, apricot pie, apple butter, and some sandwiches, all of which were very tasty.

After grabbing a bite to eat, we took a quick drive over to the lighthouse, which was the second reason for our visit to the area.

Ronan is very independent now, and he hates being carried or led anywhere. 🙂

It was a beautiful day at the coast! Slowly the lighthouse came into view…

It’s a small lighthouse, but still quite majestic.

Apparently, you can rent out small bunkers on the premises and stay overnight. There’s also a small museum, but we arrived so late in the day that we didn’t get to visit it.

Behind the museum, you can walk down to an overlook of the sea, which Ronan really enjoyed.

Overall, a fun afternoon! Traffic on the way back was atrocious, but it was worth it.





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